Genesis 11

Wednesday January 11, 2012, 11:35pm
I do not believe the story of the tower of Babel. To be frank, it sounds rather ridiculous. The people wanted to build a tall tower. Okay, it couldn’t have been very tall, given the age in which they lived (although, I might be wrong. I mean, the Egyptians built the pyramids, did they not?) They want to do it in order to make a name for themselves and not be scattered across the earth. At least, those were the stated reasons. However, God “comes down” and sees their tower and doesn’t like their actions for some reason. So he gives them separate languages and scatters them.
Okay, I admit, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous in retrospect but I do need to know what problem God had with their actions. His explanation, that if as one people speaking one language they were doing this, then nothing they wanted to do would be impossible for them is a bit vague. How bad can it be to just build a tower? What was the danger – their arrogance? Even if you simply brush this off as another reason Christianity is false, you still need to answer the question if you wish to give it all the respect you give any other literary work. What exactly was it that God did not want them to do? What was the supposed wrong in their actions because it seems clear to me from God’s statement that it was something more than their arrogance.
The rest of the chapter is dedicated to Abraham’s genealogy. There isn’t much to it except that Nahor, Terah’s son and Abraham’s brother, married his niece, the daughter of their brother Haran. Not strange in those days, I guess, since as we will see eventually, Abraham married his half-sister. Couldn’t they find other women, though?
o   Also worth noting is that after the flood, the length of people’s lives begins to reduce.

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