Genesis 4

Sunday January 8, 2012, 7:33 am
I just read Genesis 4. The first murder happened so soon after the fall. I wonder if there were other wrong things done before then. I have more things to add to my list of questions:
  • o   What did God mean when he said that Abel’s blood was crying out to him? It sounds like something pagan. Or was it merely symbolic?
  • o   Jubal, one of Cain’s descendants, was an ancestor of all who play the harp and flute? Was there a kingdom of flute-players in this time? That is what it sounds like but I’ll reserve judgment.
But here are the nice things I noticed:
  • o   God was merciful to Cain even though he was a murderer. Who is like our God, huh?
  • o   God addressed the issue of Abel’s murder personally. He didn’t let the people take care of it.
  • o   Cain lived long enough to be killed by Lamech, his great, great, great grandson who somehow did not take into account the curse God declared on anyone who killed Cain.

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