Genesis 5 and 6

Monday January 9, 2012, 10:03 am
I read Genesis Chapter 5 and 6 today. It was interesting as usual and I have my list of questions.
  • o   God cursed the ground because of Adam (Genesis 3). Why? Why not just punish Adam? (unless, it wasn’t supposed to be punishment for him at all, but something that simply naturally followed from their actions. E.g. “you will die if you eat from the tree”. Maybe God pronouncing death on Adam wasn’t a punishment, it was a natural consequence and as that, it affected Eve too. In the same way, maybe the curse on the ground was just a natural consequence. God was no longer with them the way he used to be so the ground acted in that way. Maybe.).
  • o   God said Man’s days would be only 120 years. Is it just me or don’t some people live longer than that?
  • o   Why did God destroy the animals too? Couldn’t he have left them and just gotten rid of the wicked people? That would have saved Noah the trouble of gathering all those animals.
  • o   Noah’s family was saved with him. Were they righteous too? (Probably, or God would have killed them with the rest of the wicked.)
Now, my observations:
  • o   God was sorry that He had made human beings because they were so evil. It is interesting that he gave us such power over himself. Power enough to make him hurt.
  • o   Noah obeyed God, even though the work he was asked to do was not an easy one.
  • o   God established his covenant with Noah. What the covenant said, I wonder.
  • o   God used a flood in the destruction. So natural. Anyone who saw it could explain it away as some sort of chance happening.

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