Genesis 7 and 8

Tuesday January 10, 2011, 8:04 am
I read Genesis 7 and 8. It was about the flood and was very interesting. I didn’t think up a lot of questions there but here are the ones I do have:
  • o   Minor question: Why did God tell Noah to put the animals in the ark if he intended to do it himself?
  • o   What does it mean the “springs of the great deep” and the “floodgates of the heavens”? (7:11, 8:2)
  • o   God smelled the pleasing aroma from Noah’s burnt offerings (8:21) and spoke in his heart. Speaking of God in human terms or something else?
Now, Observations:
  • o   God remembered Noah and the animals, not just Noah. But it doesn’t say that he remembered Noah’s family. (8:1)
  • o   Didn’t Noah’s sons already have children? They are never mentioned.
  • o   God gives us some clue into the original sin problem (Every inclination of his [man’s] heart is evil from his childhood )(8:21) (NOTE: ‘Man’ there refers to the human species because Genesis 5:2 already sets the standard for referring to humans (both male and female as ‘man’)
  • o  God’s little poem;

As long as the earth endures,

Seedtime and harvest
Cold and heat
Summer and winter
Day and night
Will never cease (8:22)

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