Genesis 14

Friday January 13, 2012, 10:04am

Genesis 14

  • The details in this account argue for its historicity. Lots of kings and places are mentioned, just like in the previous chapters detailing Abram’s journey.
  • Abram is called “Abram the Hebrew” (14:13) meaning there was such an identity as a ‘Hebrew’ in those days and there weren’t many of them where Abraham was currently residing.
  • Abram had allies. I wonder if they were rich men. (14:13b). he was said to be living near Mamre the Amorite’s great trees. Does this mean the readers knew which trees were being referred to?
  • Abram had 318 trained men who had been born in his household and he used them to pursue an army. I wonder how large the army was.
  • He attacked during the night. Good military strategy. I wonder, did he fight or did he just give orders?
  • The king of Sodom had survived the defeat. (14:17) They ran from battle (14: 10)
  • There is a valley mentioned where Abram met the king of Sodom. Details, details. (14:17)
  • Now, we meet the mysterious king of Salem, Melchizedek, who worshipped God Most High, “creator (or possessor) of heaven and earth, who delivered Abram’s enemies into his hands”. I wonder if that’s the same as our God and what the implications are.
  • Abram gave him a tenth of everything even though he had not participated in the battle so far as we know.
  • In verse 22, Abram identifies the Lord Most High with The LORD, our God. I wonder if Lord Most High was a title or appellation.
  • Abram refused to collect the booty from the king of Sodom so it would not be said the King of Sodom had made him rich (14:22, 23). Why the worry?

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