Genesis 15

Saturday January 14, 2012, 9:32

Genesis 15

  • After Abraham had rejected any booty from the battle in the previous chapter, God appears to Him and tells him not to worry. That He is his reward (or his reward will be very great) (13:1). I do wonder what God looked like when Abraham saw Him.
  • Abram complains that he has no children to inherit his wealth so it would go to one of his servants. It seemed that that put a bit of a damper on God’s blessings.
  • God replies that the servant (Eleazer) will not be the heir and promises to give him his own son.
  • Abraham believes this, but he is not so trusting when God (again) promises to give him the land of Canaan. Instead, he asks for a sign which God gives later in verses 17 – 21.
  • God predicts the enslavement of Abraham’s descendants. That can’t have made Abram very happy but then He promises to punish the people who had enslaved them and bring Abraham’s descendants out with great possessions.
  • He then adds that famous verse (13:16) saying that He was not giving Abraham and his descendants the land yet because the people in it were not yet sinful enough as to bring on their punishment.

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