Matthew 1

Matthew 1

  • Matthew doesn’t give a very detailed account of how Mary came to be pregnant. He simply says it was by the Holy Spirit.
  • He mentions that Joseph was a righteous man and ties this with his decision to put Mary away secretly. How do you ‘secretly’ divorce a woman?
  • God gives instructions as to what Jesus’ name will be.
  • Matthew is the one who quotes the much-disputed prophecy from Isaiah 7:14 (The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son…). I wonder why he didn’t quote the one with ‘unto us a child is born…’ Didn’t he know it? Anyway, it’s time to revisit this prophecy and see what the dispute is about.
  • Joseph was the one who named Jesus although Mary was told his name too. (Luke 1:31).
  • As for the difference in Genealogies between Matthew and Luke, here is a video about it. I don’t know much about the accuracy of the material, though. Enjoy.

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