Reading Genesis 17

  • God made a covenant with Abraham. He would be his God, give him many descendants, nations would come from him and He would give him the land of Canaan and in return, Abraham had to agree to get circumcised and to follow him.
  • Does this covenant somehow mean that the LORD wasn’t Abraham’s God before?
  • God blessed Sarai too and gave her a new name just like he did with Abraham. He also predicted the name of Sarah’s son.
  • In this case, Abraham didn’t believe God. In Genesis 15:6, Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Was his unbelief in this instance credited to him as unrighteousness? Why or why not?
  • God promises to bless Ishmael like Abraham asked, but he had already told this to Hagar in chapter 16

What I find interesting is that God did not think that his covenant with Abraham carried over to Abraham’s sons even though he had promised to make the covenant between Him and Abraham and Abraham’s descendants (v 7). Instead he said he would bless Ishmael and establish his covenant with Isaac. This is one case in which ‘your descendants’ did not mean ‘all your descendants’ but ‘You and Sarah’s descendants.


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