Reading Genesis 19

  • The angels were going to save Lot’s son-in-laws. Did it matter whether they were righteous or not?  (Genesis 19:12, 13)
  • The angels saved Lot’s daughters even though they were probably not righteous. The daughters later got their father drunk so they could sleep with him. Or maybe that was just blindness.
  • I wonder about their actions. Didn’t Lot teach his daughters right from wrong? Or was it simply something they had picked up from living in Sodom?
  • Were the angels really going to spend the night in the square or did they know Lot was going to insist very strongly?  If they were really going to spend the night in the square, why? (19:2,3)
  • When God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, he destroyed the vegetation as well. That seems to be a pattern. When God destroyed everyone in a flood, he killed the animals too. In the laws he gave the Israelites, he ordered them to completely destroy any city that worshipped other gods. Why wreak such havoc? Was it anger or was there something wrong with the cities? Was it to teach a lesson?
  • Were Lot’s sons-in-law were going to be saved simply because they “belonged to” Lot (19:12, 13)?
  • Why is it that Lot’s daughters do not seem to demonstrate any shame about their actions?
  • In 19:30, why was Lot afraid to stay in Zoar? Was he scared that the angels would not keep their promise not to destroy the city? No, after all, he stayed there while Sodom and Gomorrah were being destroyed. Was there something wrong with the people in the city?
  • When Lot hesitated to leave Sodom (God knows why) the angels mercifully made him leave (19:16). However, they did not do this to his sons-in-law. What made Lot, his wife and daughters so special to God? Was it Abraham? Or was it simply that there was something wrong with Lot’s sons-in-laws so that their rescue was not a priority?
  • Why were the men of Sodom so intent on raping the angels? (19:4 – 9). Wait, scratch that. Does iniquity need reason?

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