Genesis 20

My reading notes on Genesis 20:

  • God came to Abimelech, king of Gerar, in a dream (20:3). How did he recognize God?
  • God pronounced him a dead man because of Sarah. (20:3)
  • God had prevented Abimelech from touching Sarah because he knew that Abimelech did took Sarah with a clear conscience and clean hands (he did not know she was married and, presumably, would not have taken her if he had known. (20:4-6)
  • If Abimelech had touched Sarah, it would still have been a sin despite his ignorance (20:6)
  • God was going to kill not just Abimelech, but his family because he took Sarah (20:7). Why does God visit destruction not just on people who commit wrongs but those around them?
  • Abimelech (rightly) accuses Abraham of attempting to ruin him and his kingdom (20:9, 10).
  • Abimelech pays Abraham 25 pounds of silver to cover the offense against Sarah, thus vindicating her (20:16). It’s interesting that the offense was against Sarah, and she was the one who needed to be vindicated.
  • God had prevented the women in Abimelech’s household from giving birth. I wonder how long he had Sarah.
  • This is an example of God taking care of a community of people outside the Israelites, a Canaanite community.

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