Genesis 21

  • Sarah doesn’t come across as a very nice woman. She previously beat Hagar and blamed Abraham for making Hagar ‘despise’ her (Gen 16) and now she asks Abraham to send Hagar away because she does not want Ishmael to share Isaac’s inheritance (21: 8 -10).
  • Abraham loved Ishmael (21:8-11).
  • But it seems that God had no problem with Hagar. He appears to her for the second time and promises to bless Ishmael.
  • God saw Hagar’s pain and that of her son and came down to help them (an Egyptian slave woman and a son He and Abraham had rejected). He did not let them suffer. This is just like in the previous chapter where God is merciful to Abimelech and the Israelites although they are not his chosen people. God still shows grace and mercy to those he does not choose.
  • Even Abimelech saw that God was with Abraham (21:22). Since Abraham had God’s favor, he asks Abraham to treat him and his descendants well.
  • After all was said and done, Abraham planted a tree there and worshipped God. Perhaps it was out of thanksgiving or perhaps he just felt like it.
  • Abraham remained there for a long time, testimony to the strength of the treaty he had made with Abimelech (or maybe just because Abimelech feared God too much to harm Abraham).

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