God and Our Free Will

I watched John Loftus’ debate with Dinesh D’souza two days ago. It was a bloodbath. John is definitely the most disorganized person I have ever seen if his presentations were any indication. Dinesh didn’t win because he did so well. He won because John did so horribly. However, I did see a point in the whole debate where I thought he may have had something.

The point: God should not have given us free will if he knew we could hurt ourselves with it.

That is something I have been thinking about for a while. By making us free beings, God allowed the possibility that we could hurt Him, ourselves and each other. Not only that, but he also allowed the possibility that we would choose to reject Him and thus, condemn ourselves to hell forever. How could he do that? In order words, what makes our freedom so important to Him? If faced with the choice between being able to reject God and losing my free will, I’m pretty certain I would prefer the latter and I think (feeble human that I am), that God should prefer it too, if he loves us. So why doesn’t he? I think it’s time to get some books on God and free will and see what answers have been given to this question.


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