Genesis 24 – Reading Note

This took me a bit longer to write but it’s finally here:

• Abraham calls God the God of heaven and earth. (v3)
• In verses 5 and 39, the servant asks what to do if the woman was unwilling to come with him. Interestingly, he says the woman, not her parents. But when he quotes Abraham in verse 40 and 41, he says “even if they [her family] refuse to give her to you”.
• When Rebecca was described in verses 15 and 16, it is said that she was “very beautiful, a virgin; no man had ever lain with her”. Why did ‘betulah’ (virgin) need to be qualified, I wonder. Afterall, doesn’t virgin mean someone who has never had sex?
• Rebecca was a very kind girl. She watered Abraham’s servants’ camels. (v 18,91) or maybe God was just prompting her to do that?
• Abraham’s servant worshipped Yahweh, not as his God or the God of all the earth, but as Abraham’s God. (v 26, 27)
• Abraham’s family knew of the LORD and probably worshipped him. (v 31, 50, 51).
• When the servant quoted Abraham in verses 40 and 41, he does not quote Abraham’s words exactly.
• When Rachel’s lineage is mentioned in verses 15, 24 and 47, her grandmother is mentioned, along with her father and grandfather, but her mother is not.
• The marriage contract is completed before Rachel is asked if she would go with the servant. It seems it was Rachel’s choice whether she would leave her family and travel to meet Isaac. Or perhaps they were asking her if she wanted the marriage although they had given their blessing.
• Rebecca’s family must have been quite rich since they could house Abraham’s servants and all their camels and they had enough maids that they could give Rebecca some when she left.
• Abraham’s servant told them how rich Abraham was (v 34-38) and gave them lots of expensive gifts (v 52, 53). Was this to show them that his master was as rich as he claimed so they could be sure Rebecca would be provided for?
• In verse 28, it says Rebecca told her mother’s household (not her father’s household) about Abraham’s servants.
• When Rebecca was told that Isaac was coming to meet them, she covered herself with her veil. I wonder why that was. (v 64, 65)


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