Genesis 26 – Reading Note

• Abimelech was prepared to kill anyone who hurt Isaac or his wife (v 11). That was how important he was among them. It seems He did not give this order because he liked Isaac, but because he feared the guilt such actions would bring on them (v 10).
• However, it seems that was merely a prohibition of physical abuse so it did not stop the men from stopping Isaac’s wells.
• And when Isaac became too rich and powerful for them, Abimelech asked him to leave.
• God’s promised to bless Isaac was because of Abraham, not because Isaac had obeyed Him, but because Abraham had (v 2-5, v 24).
• Isaac continued his father’s custom of building altars (v 25).
• Abimelech seemed terrified that Isaac could harm him since Isaac was so blessed by God so he asked Isaac for a treaty (just as he had done with Abraham) (v 26 – 29).


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