Genesis 28 – Reading Note

Genesis 28 – Reading Note
• Rebecca’s brother was still living close to (or with) their father (v 1, 2).
• Isaac prayed that the blessing given to Abraham be given to Jacob, not Esau (v 3, 4). It seems it was an exclusive blessing (to take over the land of Canaan) so Isaac probably didn’t think he could share it with Esau. So, why did he ask for this for Jacob and not Esau?
• Once Esau realized how much his parents were displeased with his choice of wives (Canaanite women), he went and married another wife, this time from Ishmael. Was he trying to gain his parents affection?
• God chose to confirm his promise to Abraham to Jacob rather than Esau (v 12 – 15).
• Jacob promises to make the LORD his God if He took care of him (Jacob) on his journey which suggests that before this, the LORD was not Jacob’s God. This makes his statement in the previous chapter make sense. When Isaac asked Jacob (who was pretending to be Esau) how he had found the game so fast, he replied, “The LORD your God gave me success”.


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