Genesis 29 – Reading Note (I’m really starting to like Leah)

• Rachel was the one who took care of her father’s sheep. She was a shepherdess (v 9).
• Jacob was extremely patient in working for Rachel. He worked seven years (v 16 – 20).
• Did Jacob do something wrong in loving Rachel more than Leah?
• God opened Leah’s womb but left Rachel barren (v 31) and this is attributed to his knowledge of Jacob’s preference for Rachel. But why was this and what was its significance?
• Leah craved her husband’s love (v 32 – 34). Was his preference for Rachel so obvious?
• It seems that God left Rachel barren for Leah’s sake. It might have given her pleasure to have something that her sister did not have – to have sons for her husband while her sister could not. It might have consoled her in her misery somewhat. In other words, it was not a punishment for Rachel or Jacob, but a blessing for Leah, the least favored wife. That would demonstrate God’s love for Leah.
• Leah was constant in attributing her sons to the LORD and not some other god (v 31 – 35). She knew who her children were a gift from.


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