Genesis 30 – Reading Note – Jacob Gets Rich

  • Jacob wanted to return home although (presumably) his mother had not sent word of Esau’s forgiveness. (v 25, 26)
  • For some reason, Jacob had to ask Laban to give him his wife and children so he could leave. (v 25, 26)
  • Laban was insightful enough to see that the LORD blessed him because of Jacob.
  • Jacob wanted to prove his honesty with Laban’s flock (33)
  • Laban wasn’t a very honest man. His deception in giving Jacob Leah in place of Rachel should have been a hint. Then after promising to give Jacob all the spotted, speckled and dark-colored animals on his flock, he removed them.
  • Jacob fixed that, however. He devised a method for making the flock produce spotted animals, effectively taking the healthy ones for himself. It was his due anyway and he would not be cheated from it although I think he could have been a bit nicer and left some of the strong animals for Laban.
  • I wonder how Jacob’s method for producing spotted flock worked.
  • And that was how Jacob became very rich. God blessed him, but he had some hand in it too. Perhaps it is true that heaven helps those who help themselves.

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