Genesis 31 – Reading Note

  • God saw what Laban was doing to Jacob (v 10 – 13).
  • Jacob told both his wives what God had told him to do and they gave him their support (v 14 – 16)
  • Rachel and Leah remarked that their father had sold them; which was true because he had given them to Jacob in return for his work. They also remarked that he had used up what was paid for them (the profits of the flocks that Jacob tended). I do not think that this happened with Rebecca (Genesis 24).
  • Why did Rachel steal her father’s gods?
  • It seems that Jacob needed Laban’s permission to leave. The narrator remarks that he deceived Laban by not telling him he was leaving (v 20) and Laban said the same thing himself (v 26 -29). Laban took it very seriously, telling Jacob that what he did was foolish and that he (Laban) had the power to harm him but God had warned him not to (v 26 -29).
  • Rachel called her father, ‘my Lord’.
  • Laban still regarded his daughters and Jacob’s children as his even though they were Jacob’s wives and children. (v 43)
  • Laban, wicked man that he was, did not want Jacob to mistreat his daughters or take any wives besides them (v 48 – 50). Perhaps he had some love for them, after all.
  • God is called “The Fear of Isaac” twice in this chapter (v 42, 53). I wonder what that means.

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