Genesis 34 – Reading Note

  • Shechem asked his father to get Dinah for him as a wife. He didn’t do it himself. Abraham got a wife for Isaac but Jacob got his own wives and it seems that Esau did the same. Why didn’t Shechem go himself? (v 1 -4)
  • Shechem’s action was denounced in very strong words. The narrator calls it “a disgraceful thing”, “a thing that should not be done”.
  • Hamor asks them to give Dinah to his son as a wife – to the man who had raped her – but he offers no restitution for the damage he had done and no apology either. And neither does Shechem. If they did, why did the narrator not mention it? Did they feel any shame at all?
  • One question seems important. I cannot tell whether Dinah’s father and brothers saw the rape as a crime against them or against Dinah or both.
  • All this while, Dinah was still in Shechem’s house. Poor girl. (v 25, 26)

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