Genesis 43 – 45 – Reading Note – Does God Make People Sin?

  • Joseph lied to his brothers that he had found out that they took his cup by divination when in truth he had instructed his servants to put it in Benjamin’s sack (44:15).
  • Joseph tells his brothers that it was God who sent him to Egypt to save them and instructs them not to be angry with themselves. Would this mean that God made Joseph’s brothers jealous of him? Did he make them sell him? Does God cause people to sin? Or were their actions against him not sinful?
  • My guess would be that the action of Joseph’s brothers was a horrible thing that God exploited for his good purpose, but that is not what Joseph said. Joseph said that “God sent him ahead of them” which implies that God is the primary cause. “It was not you who sent me here, but God” (45:8)
  • I could conclude that Joseph was wrong, but I’d like to do that on some more basis than my own presuppositions.

Anyone have some ideas?

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