Genesis 49 & 50 – Reading Note – Jacob Blesses His Sons

  • The sins of Reuben, Simeon and Levi came back to haunt them when their father handed out blessings. He cursed them because of their wrong actions (49: 3- 7).
  • Jacob may not have been blessing or curing his sons but telling them what will happen. That is, perhaps those things did not happen because he said they will, but he simply knew and correctly predicted what would happen to his sons. In fact, I think he said so in verse 2.
  • That would mean that he was not punishing his sons (Simeon, Levi and Reuben) for their wrongs by cursing them but simply telling them that their actions produced consequences of which he had little or no control. This would lend credence to my idea that perhaps some actions have consequences simply by virtue of their having happened. (See Are We Punished For the Sins of Adam and Eve?)
  • For Joseph, Jacob simply stated the obvious – that God blesses him (49:22-26).
  • One part of the blessing Jacob pronounces on Joseph is interesting. He says that God blesses Jacob with the blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below and blessings of the “breast and womb”. Was that simply his way of saying that Jacob would have lots of descendants?
  • Jacob was regarded as important enough that the Egyptians mourned for him for seventy days. But then, he was Joseph’s father after-all (50:2, 3).
  • Joseph had the physicians embalm his father (50:2, 3). He was embalmed himself after his death.

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