Exodus 1 – Reading Note

  • The names of Moses’ parents are not mentioned here. Nothing is said for them except that they were Levites.
  • Moses’ mother left him in the bushes by the Nile. She must have been hoping something good would happen to him there.
  • The Pharaoh’s daughter bathed in the Nile.
  • The Pharaoh’s daughter wanted a Hebrew woman to nurse Moses, not an Egyptian (v 7 – 9).
  • Moses was the kind of man who wasn’t afraid to kill people. He killed a man and then hid him in the sand. Not good (v 11, 12).
  • Pharaoh wanted to kill Moses for his wrongs even if he was Pharaoh’s daughter’s (adopted) son (v 15).
  • Moses was also quite chivalrous. He helped Jethro’s daughters when some shepherds wouldn’t let them fetch water (v 16, 17).
  • Perhaps Jethro’s daughters were regularly picked on by Shepherds. Their father suggested that they returned late very often and they told him that someone rescued them from the shepherds which might imply that he knew they were being picked on (v 18, 19).
  • Jethro’s daughters thought Moses was an Egyptian (v 19).

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