Exodus 4 – 6 – Reading Note

I feel bad that I haven’t done this in so long…

  • God showed great patience with Moses, answering all his questions and doubts.
  • God spoke to Aaron, too (4:27).
  • God used the signs he showed Moses as a confirmation that it was He who was sending Him.
  • God may have been showing Pharaoh Mercy by asking him to let the Israelites go for three days rather than the forever. After all, ‘let your slaves go for three days’ is a lot easier to swallow than ‘let your slaves go’ (5:3).
  • Pharaoh thought Moses and Aaron were lying about the LORD having met with them (5:8, 9).
  • God promised to save the Israelites, but when Moses did as he had been told, things only got worse. I wonder why.
  • When Moses complained to God about this, His response was to promise (again) to get the people out.  It sounds like, ‘Trust me, Moses!’
  • The names of Moses’ parents aren’t mentioned until the genealogy at the end of chapter six. Up till then, they are just called a Levite man and woman.


  • When God sends you somewhere, don’t complain that you don’t know how to speak or what to say (v 11, 12).
  • God’s word is his bond. What he says he will do, he will do even when it seems like things are getting worse.

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