What I have learned so far… God is Kind

The ultimate proof of God’s love and grace and the beauty of his heart is in John 3:16, but it’s all over the rest of the Bible as well.

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit he had commanded them not to eat, he gave them clothes to cover their nakedness. They had rebelled against him, doubted his goodness and yet he took care of them – Genesis 3:21

When Cain killed his brother and God punished him, he heard Cain’s plea that anyone who saw him would kill him (presumably for his murder). God remedied that by passing judgment on anyone who killed Cain. He was a murderer (the very first, it seems) and God  protected him – Genesis 4: 10 – 16

God blessed Eve, even despite her shortcomings, and gave her another son – Genesis 4:25

When God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to free the Israelites, he told him it would only be for a few days, an easier thing to swallow than “Let your slaves go forever” but even that was not enough for Pharaoh.

God warned the Egyptians severally. He gave Pharaoh a lot of opportunities to free the Israelites even though he knew he would not listen.

God specifically told the Egyptians to get their livestock out of the fields before the hail so they would not be destroyed. It was not his intention to destroy them, but to show them his power – Exodus 9:19

Is there any other example of God’s mercy in Genesis that I have missed?


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