Exodus 12 – Reading Note

  • In giving instructions for the Passover feast, God wanted to make sure everyone had enough to eat (how sweet!) and there was no waste.
  • The blood on the doors during the Passover was not needed. God could have distinguished between the Israelites and Egyptians like he had done so far.
  • In verse 23, it is God who is going through Egypt, but it is the destroyer also and the LORD would not let the destroyer into the houses of the Israelites.
  • After the last plague, the Egyptians literally drove the Israelites out, after giving them everything they had asked for.
  • Pharaoh still thought the people were going to worship God. God promised Moses they would do so on Mount Sinai, but did Pharaoh think they were coming back? At this point, did he want them to?
  • It seems some Egyptians (or people living in Egypt) followed the Israelites out (v 38).

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