Exodus 14 – Reading Note

  • When the Israelites saw the Egyptians chasing them, they attacked Moses for bringing them out of Egypt instead of attacking God. Did they doubt that he really had been speaking for God?
  • Also, I doubt Moses had forced them to leave. How could he have?
  • Had the Israelites been reluctant to leave Egypt? This seems to be suggested by God’s concern that they would return to Egypt if faced with war (13: 17, 18) and the speed with which they turned on Moses when they saw their pursuers. They also said had that they had told Moses to leave them in Egypt (14:12)
  • But verse 8 says that the Israelites were marching out of Egypt boldly. Does that refer to their state of mind or simply to the way they looked? I suppose they could feel bold now even if they had initially wanted to remain in Egypt. Afterall, their God had just forced one of the world’s strongest nations to free their slaves.
  • God greatly attested to Moses’ claim to be a prophet with miracles (the ten plagues, pillar of cloud and fire, parting the red sea), fulfilled prophecies (bringing the plagues Moses said would come, the prophecy that the Egyptians would die, etc). There could hardly have been reason to doubt Moses status.
  • As a side note, could Satan have performed all those miracles? How and why?

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