Exodus 15 – Reading Note – A God who Works Wonders

  • The people probably had never seen things like what God had done in bringing them out of Egypt. For this reason, they declared that there was no one like him among the gods. Unlike them, he was majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, and working wonders (v11). Apparently, the gods they had known up till that point did not part seas.
  • This might be the first time in the Bible that God’s love is described as unfailing (v 13)
  • “The LORD” may have been a very important name in the ANE. When God sent the plagues, he kept saying that they would show Pharaoh or the Egyptians or the Israelites that he was “the LORD”. The name is also ascribed to him in verse 3 as some sort of praise, it seems.
  • Miriam was a prophetess, the first one I’ve run into so far (v 20).

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