Exodus 20 & 21 – Reading Note

  • God’s demand that even slaves be made to rest on the Sabbath was a mercy to them. (Exodus 20:10, Exodus 23: 12, Deut 5:12 – 15)
  • God’s name is very important. (20:7)
  • Even foreigners were required to keep the Sabbath.
  • Parents were very important. Anyone who so much as cursed his parent was to be killed (21: 15, 17)
  • Do verses 22 – 25 in chapter 21 prescribe the death penalty for an accidental miscarriage?
  • Maiming or killing of slaves was discouraged (21: 26, 17).
  • The penalty for owning a bull that killed someone was the same whether the victim was male or female, a child or an adult. Age was not an important factor. A fine or the death penalty, if the person is free, and a fine to the master if the person is a slave (male or female). So, the penalty was variable for free people and fixed for slaves. Why? In either case, the bull was still killed.

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