Reflections on the Crucifixion – John 14

  • Jesus told his disciples that the way to where he was going was through him (14:4 – 6)
  • Jesus said that his father lives in him (14:10, 20; 17:22, 23). I wonder how this is related to the idea that Jesus lives in us and that the Holy Spirit lives in us (14:20; 17:22, 23; etc.).
  • Jesus presented evidence to those to whom he preached (his miracles). And he asked his disciples to believe him because of those miracles (14: 11).
  • Jesus wanted to bring Glory to his father (14:13).
  • Jesus said he would do anything we asked him in his name (14:13, 14). That sounds strange. How can I ask Jesus for something in Jesus’ name?
  • Jesus loves his father and does exactly as his father commands him. We can learn obedience from him (14: 30, 31).

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