Reflections on the Crucifixion – John 17

  • The father gave his name to the son (John 17:11).
  • Jesus protected his disciples with the name that the father had given him (John 17:12).
  • Jesus said his prayer while he was in the world (as opposed to when he got to heaven) so that his disciples would have the full measure of his joy in them (17:13).
  • Jesus sanctified himself, so that his disciples would be sanctified too (John 17:19). I wonder what he meant by that.
  • Jesus asked the father to bring us to complete unity in order to show the world that he was actually sent by God. But by unity, he didn’t mean that he just wanted us to agree. He wanted us to be one in the way he and the father were one – the father in him and he in us and we in both Jesus and the Father (17: 20 – 23).
  • Jesus promised to continue to make the father known to us (even after his death) so that the father’s love for Jesus would be in us and Jesus himself would be in us (17: 25, 26).

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