Leviticus 14 – Reading Note

  • Perhaps sin and guilt offerings were made, not just when one knew that one had committed a sin, but at other times too. For instance, for a priest who had to offer a sacrifice on the Day of Atonement and on the day he was appointed, a leper being cleansed from his previous illness and a mother who had just given birth. None of those people had committed any specific sins (that they knew of), but they were sinners by nature.
  • Once again, God made provision for those who could not afford expensive animals for sacrifices but they did not get any less because they were not wealthy. (12:8; 14:21 – 23)
  • God says if he puts a spreading mildew in a house, not ‘if there is a spreading mildew in a house’. (A reference to his sovereignty?)
  • The uncleanliness of objects in a house with mildew was not a health issue. Things in a house with mildew did not become unclean unless a priest came to examine the house and they were in it then. God asked the people to remove things from a house to be inspected so they would not be pronounced unclean. If it were a health issue, then the things would be unclean whether the priest pronounced them so or not.
  • The house also was not destroyed so long as the mildew could be removed (by taking away the affected parts).
  • A leper had to go through a purification ritual when his illness was gone. A house that used to have mildew had to go through a purification ritual when the mildew is gone.

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4 thoughts on “Leviticus 14 – Reading Note”

    1. I’m really glad. I wasn’t sure they were helping anyone but myself. Now that I know you read them, I have reason to pay even more attention to what I read.

      1. I don’t have as much time as I would like to pay attention to scripture due to my the amount i have to read nowadays – so yeah they’ve been a big help 😀

    2. I see the problem. Well, you can always read three verses at a time and think about them for the whole day. 🙂 At that rate you won’t finish reading the Bible this side of heaven but you’ll probably glean a lot more than I will. That’s how to spend more time by spending less time.

      My Bible reading hardly takes more than an hour and if I ever start to think how much time that is and how little time I have for other things, then God gets to remind me how all my time is his anyway and how He is supposed to be the most important thing in my life.

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