Leviticus 16 & 17 – Reading Note – Day of Atonement

  • The man who released the scapegoat and the man who burnt the remains of the sin offerings had to wash their clothes and bathe with water. (16: 26 – 28)
  • It seems that the command to stop sacrificing anywhere but at the tabernacle was meant to stop the Israelites from worshiping idols. They had to bring their sacrifices to the LORD (17: 1- 7). That way, they would be sacrificing to him and no one else.
  • But a person who sacrificed in a place other than the tabernacle was guilty of bloodshed, not idolatry. (17: 1 – 7)
  • The command not to eat blood was also tied to the fact that blood was to be used to make atonement.  (17: 10 – 12)

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