Leviticus 19 – Reading Note- God Cares for the Weak

  • God cared for the poor, and provided a way for them to find food. (19:9, 10)
  • The commands not to steal, lie or deceive were not qualified. God did not mention any occasion in which it is okay to steal, lie, or deceive someone. He simply said, “Do not lie”. Period. Reading it as it is written, one would have to avoid those things in all circumstances.(19:11)
  • God also cared for hired laborers and demanded that they be paid speedily. (19:13)
  • He also watched over the deaf and blind. No one was to curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind. It didn’t seem to matter that the deaf couldn’t hear the curses anyway. (19:14)
  • In the same vein, the poor were not to be denied justice. No favoritism. (19:15)
  • Jesus didn’t really bring a new command when he commanded us not to hate each other. God had already forbidden it in 19:17. Jesus just added that nugget that if you hated someone, you had murdered them in your heart. 19:17 does say something about sharing your neighbor’s guilt if he did something to you and you did not ‘rebuke him frankly’.
  • And they were not supposed to bear grudges or seek revenge. (19:18)
  • If man slept with a betrothed slave girl (consensual sex), only the man was commanded to make a guilt offering. He was the one who had to make it right, not her. (19: 20 -22)
  • God protected girls from their father’s by commanding fathers not to make their daughters prostitutes (19:29)
  • Aleins were to be treated like other Israelites (19:33). To what extent? Did the laws for freeing Hebrew slaves apply to them? I know that some laws did not.

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