Leviticus 21 & 22 – Reading Note

  • The priests were Holy to God and so, were to live in special ways. Perhaps this ties in with the Israelites being Holy to God and so being asked to live differently from other peoples.
  • All the sacrifices made to God were holy, and thus to be treated specially (18: 1- 16)
  • The sacrifices were called the food of God even though he never actually ate them (21:6, 21, 22; 22:25.

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2 thoughts on “Leviticus 21 & 22 – Reading Note”

  1. Yes, ogtracy! And because we are priests and kings before the Lord, we are to be holy also. Can we be absolutely sinless and perfect? No, I think that’s impossible. But I believe the way we are to be holy is by keeping the Word holy. We need to make sure that we don’t destroy the truth.

    We can do this by placing other forms of truth on the same level with the Scriptures. Some churches do this by emphasizing the words of “prophets” (such as Kim Clement). Some do this by believing science rather than the Bible (Biologos would be an example). Some blend in philosophy with the Bible (such as the Catholics and their addition of Greek philosophy). Some elevate dreams and visions to the same level as scripture (such as Rick Joyner and “The Quest.”) Some place tradition in a place of honor beside the Scriptures (this was what the Pharisees were doing). Some claimed that the Old Testament Law still had authority (I’m thinking of slaveholders who used the Old Testament to justify their actions.)

    Jesus called these additions to Scripture “yeast” or “leaven.” They are false teachings that corrupt or defile the truth. The Bible alone is the truth. (And we must read the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. The Old Testament is filled with “types and shadows” of JESUS!)

    With this in mind, the Levitical priesthood (as a type and shadow) can teach us much about the importance of being set apart (holy).

    Holy is similar in meaning to “wholeness.” It means not divided. Nothing else can be added or else it will no longer be whole–it will be divided. No longer pure. Corrupted. Defiled. No longer simple, but complex. Unholy.

    God is holy, undivided, pure, incorruptible, simple, undefiled.

    With this definition in mind, how can Christians keep themselves holy and set apart?

    1. I think God already answered the question for us. When he set the Israelites and priests apart as holy, he told them how to act and separate themselves from unholy things. He’s told us the same thing. He’s told us how to live as people set apart for God. Now I wish I had memorized that verse because I can’t find it. 🙂

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