Leviticus 23 & 24 – Reading Note

  • God actually commanded the Israelites to throw parties and celebrate.
  • Once again, God showed his kindness towards the needy by providing for them and towards everyone else by teaching them to give and think of others (23:22)
  • Although the sacrifice of bread made each morning was for God, the priests were the ones who ate it, not God, just like most of the other sacrifices (24:5-9).
  • God’s name was to be taken very seriously. The punishment for blasphemy was death (24:16). Everyone was to participate in executing the person. This was a very string denouncement as it should. Showing contempt for God is rebellion and nothing short of treason. No one is above God and for their own sake, no one should think that they are.
  • Anyone who murdered someone was to be killed regardless of whether the victim was a foreigner or an Israelite (24: 17 – 22). The manner in which the command was worded (if anyone takes the life of a human being, he must be put to death) implies that even murder of a slave earned the death penalty. However, killing an animal only required the person to make restitution to the animal’s owner.

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