Leviticus 25 – Reading Note

  • The law about the Sabbath year would have required the people to trust God. They would have had to trust that he would provide food for them for those years in which they were not allowed to plant.
  • I love 25:23. It makes the point that all of the earth belongs to God and we are his tenants, so we don’t actually own any land. We are not just his tenants, but we are also aliens, living in a land that is not our own. The statement identified the Israelites with the foreigners who would later live among them. It would also give clarity to the idea that he took the land from the Canaanites and gave it to the Israelites.
  • God encouraged the people to care for foreigners in a lot of ways, but he encouraged them to care for their fellow Hebrews too. If a man sold his land because he was poor, one of his relatives was to buy it back for him (25: 25 – 28)
  • God told the Hebrews to care for one of their poor brethren like they would a foreigner. (25: 35 – 37)

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