Numbers 11 – Reading Note

  • The Israelites start grumbling again.  First, they complained about unnamed hardships and God got angry and punished them. Then they complained because they were tired of eating Manna and wanted to taste something different for a change. I can sympathize with them. I wouldn’t like to eat the same thing all day everyday but God didn’t like their grumbling. He provided them with meat, and then he punished them.
  • Moses, even though he was a prophet and the leader of the people, still doubted God. When God promised to provide meat for the people for a whole month, he didn’t believe it and told God so (11:21, 22).
  • God waited until Moses complained about the amount of work he had to do in leading all those people before God appointed people to help him (11: 11- 17).
  • God did not punish Moses for complaining about how great the burden of leading the Israelites was or for doubting that God could provide enough meat for the people. I wonder then why God was angry when the people complained that their journey was too difficult (11: 1- 3) or that they wanted to eat something besides manna.

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