Numbers 9 – Reading Note

  • Celebrating the Passover was important to the Israelites. When some of them were ceremonially unclean and afraid that they would be unable to celebrate the Passover, they went to Moses for help because they did want to celebrate it (9: 6, 7). Moses, after consulting God said that they could celebrate the Passover (9: 8). I think it is important that Moses consulted God rather than giving his own rules. We should remember that.
  • Failure to celebrate the Passover if one was punishable by being cut off from the people – whatever that means (9:13).
  • A foreigner could celebrate the Passover, abiding by all the same rules as the native born (9:14).
  • Verses 15 – 23 show the Israelites being uncharacteristically docile. They obeyed God and travelled whenever he commanded them to and camped whenever he commanded them to. They didn’t move even if he did not instruct them to move for months. This is different from their rebellious attitudes previously.

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