Arguments for God’s existence

I’m trying to get out of writing my reading notes so I thought I might as well post this. Someone going by the name rautakyy and I have been having a conversation on slavery in the OT and he recently said this:

We have no knowledge of a creator. I am familiar with the arguments presented in behalf of such an entity, these are often intriguing, but I have not been convinced by them.

Oh well…

Most of those arguments are simply about a demiurgi, not about a benevolent god, not to speak about a personal god.

Yes, a lot of arguments for the existence of God like the cosmological argument say nothing about God’s moral character but others like the ontological argument and the moral argument do. The argument from the resurrection of Jesus is an argument for a specific deity – the Christian God

Even if we recognize that there is a creator entity (wich I do not), we do not know the character of such a being.

Well, you won’t know it if you just sit there and wring your hands. You have to find out. The knowledge won’t just fall from above and hit you on the head. Like I said, the ontological and moral arguments argue for a benevolent God.

There is a lot of wishfull thinking involved in religions describing this entity as good or benevolent, but it is not covincing, though it may compell people who really want that there is a benevolent god.

Maybe some religions have no evidence for their claim that God is benevolent, but Christianity does or at least claims to. Even if you reject the evidence as unconvincing, you cannot call it mere wishful thinking.

When something good happens religious people attribute that to the good nature of their god, but when something bad happens, they resort to “god is mysterious” notion. Correct?

What do you mean by ‘God is mysterious’? I believe that God is good all of the time so whatever he gives us, whether pleasant or unpleasant is for our good. Whenever I say that God is mysterious, I mean that I am not knowledgeable enough to understand his actions. This is true whether he has given me something pleasant or unpleasant.


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