Numbers 21 & 22 – Reading Note

  • The King of Sihon refused to let the Israelites pass through his territory. Instead, he led an army against them. The King of Og too was agressive towards them. They won both battles. In neither case were they the first aggressors (21: 21 – 26, 33 – 35).
  • Balak, the king of Moab, was scared because the Israelites were so powerful. So he sent for Balaam to curse them (22: 4 – 6).
  • Balaam worshipped Israel’s God, Yahweh (22: 7 – 9, 18).
  • When the king of Moab wouldn’t relent, God allowed Balaam to go to him. Yet, as he went, God was angry. The text does not say who he was angry with or why (22: 21, 22).
  • I wonder why Balaam’s donkey saw the angel (22: 33).
  • This is another one of the angel of the LORD passages.
  • I wonder what sin Balaam was referring to. Was it that he kept going even though the angel was trying to stop him (22: 34)?
  • God is referred to as Elohim and Yahweh in this passage. Both names are used interchangeably.
  • Balaam was a good prophet. He refused to speak anything besides what God had told him (22:38).

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