Numbers 23 – Reading Note

  • When Balak wanted God to speak to him, he went off alone (23: 3, 15).
  • God met him (23:4, 16).
    • Balaam told God that he had offered sacrifices. Why did he feel the need to tell God this? Did he not know that God knew (23: 4)?
    • Balaam said that the Israelites did not consider themselves one of the nations (23:9).
    • Was Balaam calling Israel righteous (23: 10)?
    • Instead of sending Balaam away after he blessed the Israelites the first time, Balak asked him to try to curse them again. He was hoping that God would let Balaam curse them from another location (23: 11 – 13, 27, 28)?
    • Both the first and second oracles follow the same pattern:

Balak takes Balaam to a place where he can see the Israelites

They make offerings.

Balaam goes away to speak with God

Balaam returns and finds Balak standing near his offering.

Balaam blesses Israel

  • God does not change his mind. If he says he will do something, he will do it. If he makes a promise, he keeps it (23: 19).

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