Numbers 33 & 34 – Reading Note – Dividing the land of Canaan

  • God told the Israelites to drive out all the inhabitants of Canaan and take the land. Drive them out, not kill them (33: 51, 52).
  • They were to destroy all their religious stuff (33: 52)
  • God emphasized that he was giving them the land (33: 53)
  • God said that if they did not drive out all the people,
    1. those left would give them trouble
    2. He (God) would do to the Israelites what he was going to do to the Canaanites (drive them out of the land) (33: 55, 56)
  • God set boundaries for the land they were supposed to take. They had nothing outside of that land, so this conquest was restrained. They weren’t taking everything in sight that they could lay their hands on (34: 1 – 12).
  • However, the people had already taken some land on the east side of the Jordan, the land they had captured from those who had previously attacked them (34: 13 – 15).

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