Numbers 35 – Reading Note

  • Although the Levites were not counted among the 91/2 tribes the land on the west side of the Jordan was to be shared among (34: 13 – 29), because they were not to have an inheritance among the Israelites (18: 21 -24), God commanded that they be given land to live in and feed their animals with. What’s the difference between that and an inheritance? (35: 2, 3)
  • The land given to the Levites was to be taken from what was given to all the other tribes, a portion from the share of each tribe (35: 8)
  • In his kindness, God appointed cities of refuge so that anyone, Hebrew or foreigner, who killed someone unintentionally would live safely in it. It was also for the safety of people accused of murder who are yet to stand trial (35: 9 – 15).
  • If someone hit someone with an instrument that could kill (an iron one or a stone or a wooden one), he was guilty of murder because it was intentional (35: 16 – 19).
  • If someone with malice hit someone with his hand or throws something at him or pushes him and he dies, it was murder. However, if this was done unintentionally and without malice, it was not murder (35: 22 – 24)
  • A person acquitted of murder had to live in one of the cities of refuge until the death of the high priest so that the avenger of blood would not kill him.
  • Every murderer had to be killed. No exceptions. According to God, atonement cannot be made for a land polluted by blood except by the blood of the one who shed it(35: 31, 33, 34).

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