Deuteronomy 17 – Reading Note

  • Two or more witnesses had to be present in order to stone an idolater to death, but even then the matter still had to be thoroughly investigated. It had to be proved that the person was guilty of the crime before he/she could be punished (17: 2 – 6).
  • The witnesses had to throw the first stones at a convicted idolater (17: 7).
  • Anyone who refused to follow the ruling of a judge or priest in a lawsuit was to be put to death (17: 12, 13).
  • God knew that the people would ask for a king after they settled in Canaan (17:14)
  • The King was not to get too rich or make the people go to Egypt. He also had to make a copy of the scroll of the law for himself and read it, so that he would know and keep it. So, God took measures to keep the people from being led astray by bad Kings e.g. choosing the king for them (17:15 – 20).
  • God also gave the impression that having a copy of the law and studying it would probably keep the King on the right path (17: 18, 19).
  • The blessing for following the rules for a king was that the king and his descendants would rule for a long time (17:20).

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  1. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to keep up with your posts, so this is just a general comment. I was listening to Ravi Zacharias’ Let My People Think radio program last week and was really impressed with the talk on Violence in the Old Testament. I would give you the link, but that would put my comment in your spam folder. Just go to rzim dot org under resources and then the show archives. It is likely to help you with your current quest for understanding.
    In Christ’s Service,

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