Deuteronomy 18 – Reading Note

  • The Israelites were to take care of the Levites living among and ministering to them (18: 1 – 8)
  • Child sacrifice, divination and witchcraft were among the things practiced by the inhabitants of Canaan and part of the reason God was driving them out.  The Israelites were not to imitate them and practice those things. (18:9 – 13).
  • God promised to give the Israelites another prophet like Moses from among their own people, who would tell the people what God commanded him to tell them. He also said that anyone who didn’t listen to that prophet would be called to account. (18: 14 – 19) Some Muslims claim that Muhammad was this prophet. Some others say it was Jesus, or Joshua.
  • Any prophet who made a prophecy that did not come true was a false prophet (Note that the reverse is not the case. A false prophet could make a true prophecy). (18: 21, 22)
  • Any prophet who spoke in God’s name what God did not command him to say and any prophet who prophesies in the name of another God was to be killed. (18: 20)

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