Deuteronomy 20 – Reading Note

  • Certain people were allowed to stay away from battles – engaged men, those with newly built homes, newly planted vineyards and the scared (20: 5 – 8).
  • In battles (for those nations that were not in Canaan), the Israelites were first to make an offer of peace. If the people accepted, they would be forced to work for the Israelites. If they didn’t, when the city was taken, all the men were to be killed and the women and children taken captive. In the cities that God was giving them, however, they were not to leave anything alive otherwise, they would teach the Israelites to act immorally, like them (20: 10 – 18)
  • During a siege, food trees were not to be used to build siege works. Yeah, that has me quite stumped too (20: 19, 10).

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