Deuteronomy 24 – Reading Note – Even more care for the poor

  • According to the law, a woman who had married a man, left him and married another one could not go back to the first because she had been ‘defiled’ (24: 1 – 4). It seems however, that she could marry a third different man. No takingbackses. It would be nice to know more about the rationale behind that law.
  • A newly married man was not to be sent to war. He was to be left to make his wife happy for a year. (24:5). It’s interesting how that was said, not that he was to be left to enjoy his wife or be happy with her, but to make her happy. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive.
  • There were laws guarding the well-being of the poor. You could not keep his pledge overnight, you had had to pay their wages promptly, and you could not deprive them of justice or take advantage of them. You also could not take a widow’s cloak as a pledge. (24: 10 – 15)
  • Very importantly, you were not allowed to go through your farm a second time to harvest crops that you missed. You had to leave those for the foreigners, fatherless and widows. (24: 19 – 22). God was appealing to the empathy of the Israelites, reminding them that they suffered in Egypt and asking them to keep those among them from suffering. Now, I can see why Moses told the Israelites that no other nation had laws as good as theirs. These laws are truly good.
  • No one was to be killed for the sins of a relative (24: 16).

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