Deuteronomy 32 – Reading Note – What we learn about God from Moses’ song

  1. God’s works are perfect. (I don’t know if ‘works’ there means ‘creations’ or ‘actions’).
  2. God never does wrong.
  3. God is/was the father of the Israelites
  4. God chooses people to use. Of all the nations in the world, he chose Israel, not because they were good.
  5. He really does not want his glory to be given to anything else. It is only just that those who deserve something get it, but the ferocity with which God pursues it strikes me as weird and scary.
  6. It is God’s right to give vengeance.
  7. There is no God besides the LORD and no one can save anyone from him.

Other things

  • Israel is called ‘Jeshurun’, the upright one, even while her sins are pointed out.
  • The idols the Israelites sacrificed to are called demons
  • God said he would make the Israelites jealous by those who are not a people and angry by a nation with no understanding because they made him jealous and angry by what is no god. Is that justice or something else?
  • Once a Bible passage starts with the hyperbole, I find it difficult to take it literally again. This passage becomes hyperbolic at verse 22.
  • God executed Moses’ and Aaron’s punishment as he said he would. Neither of them got to enter Canaan.
  • The story outlined in Moses’ song is repeated all over the old testament. God chooses and saves the Israelites, makes a treaty with them, they break the agreement and do not obey his laws, He lets another nation punish them, he eventually stops and then punishes the nation that punished them.

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