Deuteronomy 33 – Reading Note

  • The rule about God being more important than family was present even in the Old Testament. (33:9)
  • Moses seems to have thought there was water under the earth. (33:13) maybe. The next verses talk about the sun and moon yielding stuff so it might just be nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 33 – Reading Note”

    1. Good point. The verse makes it sound like a body of water – like a lake or sea.

      “About Joseph he said:
      “May the Lord bless his land
      with the precious dew from heaven above
      and with the deep waters that lie below;”

      For some reason I’ve always thought of the water in wells as simply collected between the soil particles but not in any large group like in a lake. But now that I think about it, I don’t really know. The water in wells collects, but I don’t think they come from a body of water – like a sea. Of course I’ve forgotten most of my high school geography so I can’t be certain without some more research.

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