Ten Things David Fitzgerald Should Take Note Of

My School’s freethinkers group was supposed to sponsor a talk by Greta Christina, but her father died and we got David Fitzgerald instead. Now, I don’t have very much against Jesus Mythicists. I think they’re fascinating. I just have a hard time taking them seriously. But the freethinkers attended our debate viewing (which makes us friends) so I helped them promote the talk, attended it, took plenty of notes, recorded it and asked a bunch of questions at the end. I asked the most questions. I came away from the talk more convinced than ever that Jesus mythicists just aren’t to be taken seriously. As a Hindu friend of mine put it, he just wasn’t convincing. I can’t post my notes because they make sense only to me so I made a list of 10 things Fitzgerald should fix about his act.

  1. If you’re not saying something that’s common knowledge, learn to use evidence. Statements like “other religions had a Lord’s supper” and “the gospels disagree on why Jesus was killed” and “Luke copied from Josephus” are not common knowledge and so should be supported if they are to be used.
  2. That ‘the gospel of Mark predicts the fall of Jerusalem and therefore has to be written after it” smacks of the presumption that the gospel could not possibly be predicting the future as it claims. That is – it presumes that the gospel’s account is false.
  3. Learn to read: The beginning of Luke’s gospel in no shape or form argues that the other gospel accounts were false. It simply says that Luke investigated his claims before writing them down. My 11 year old sister can see that.
  4. Saying “This person said this which kind of looks like what this other person said which means that one of them is an inaccurate portrayal of the other” is well… silly. Like saying “The gospels say Jesus had 12 disciples and there are 12 zodiac signs. Aha!”
  5. Beware the bait and switch: Christian apologists argue that Jesus’ existence is more attested than Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon. Arguing that Jesus’ *resurrection* isn’t as well attested as Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon doesn’t change that. It’s a red herring.
  6. Repeat after me: “Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.” That you found no record of the practice of releasing one prisoner (except where it is multiply attested in the gospels) is no evidence that there was no such tradition.
  7. The fact about the gap between the extant copies and the autographs of the gospels being smaller than for other writings is a serious one. Take it seriously. The last thing we need is or you to become skeptical of history as a whole.
  8. The dating of Acts, Luke and Mark before 64AD is also serious business.
  9. The stuff about Josephus’ reference being about Jesus son of Damneus sounds bogus. Next time, support it.
  10. Let people finish asking their questions before you answer them and try to talk less and listen more.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things David Fitzgerald Should Take Note Of”

  1. What convinced me that there was an historical Jesus were the Gnostic gospels combined with the silence of the church fathers making attempts to declare denial of Jesus’s existence as heretical. That said, I definitely do not hold everything in the four gospels as being taken literally so it’s not as if I just dump Jesus mythicists behind a bus. I used to uncritically accept this.

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